Powerboat P1 Vigo 2008


Vigo: Powerboat P1 Vigo 2008

The city of Vigo on the west coast of Spain hosts the Grand Prix of Spain Sea - a new addition to the calendar for 2008 Powerboat P1. Flanked by the extension of the Atlantic Ocean, the harbor and vibrant fishing industry - one of the largest in the world - is well known for its nautical culture, while the local landscape is truly spectacular.

In competition involving 20 teams from around the world with about 50 riders. The boats can reach in the Vigo estuary to 260 kilometers per hour. Were conducted in the port two sprint races while beachfront Samil were endurance races. There was racing sessions in the morning and afternoon on Saturday and Sunday which showed why it is said that the powerboat is more exciting competition that takes place on the water.

The monohulls are divided into two classes: Supersport, which brings together all the market vessels arranged for the occasion, and Evolution, with prototypes designed exclusively for racing.Aboard each traveling a minimum of two crew: the pilot, whose mission is to steer, and throttleman, which controls the throttle. The latter must squeeze the maximum speed without exceeding the limit set by the organization to ensure safety. In case of exceeding it, will be disqualified.

In total eighteen riders, team members from around the worl. The pool position was charged Friday marking the order that they would leave the drivers in tests that were played on Saturday and Sunday.

The competition brings together two major forms of race. On Saturday it's the turn of the sprint, with a route that holds spectacular spins. In the morning, at 1130, entered the fray craft SuperSport class. Since 1630, the river hosted the same test for the Evolution class. And if Saturday sought to faster victory on Sunday would be to resist the best in the long distance. The Endurance race, so called, keeps the same hours, depending on each class, that the evidence of Saturday.

During the three days of competition, the organization made-up of playfulness. No shortage of concerts, exhibitions and fireworks.In addition, giant screens were installed on line to follow the evidence and the pilots were presented several times to sign autographs.