Concerts and Festival

Vigo: Concerts and Festival

Vigo has a large cultural offer in the world of music. It has one of the best outdoor venues (Auditorium Castrelos) and a fabulous auditorium-theater made by Antonio Palacios (Caixanova Cultural Center). It also has a music conservatory (Conservatorio Martin Codax) and a substantial amount of nightclubs concerts Jazz, Pop and Rock.

Throughout the year there are a number of important festivals among which are the International Jazz Festival or the Festival ImaxinaSons Are-more music.


The Festival International de Jazz de Vigo, "Imaxina Sons", was created with the intention of, first, fill a gap and meet demand in our country regarding the wide scope of jazz, and on the other, trying to show other trends unknown this music in our country than in the rest of Europe if present. This is also to show what is happening particularly in Galicia and in the rest of Spain with jazz.

Young Performers "XERACIÓN 2000 +5"

This classical music festival aims to raise awareness of the work done in conservatories and music schools. The performances took place in the auditorium Martin Codax and MARY HELP parish sanctuary.

Xeración 2000 + cycle is emblematic of new musicians in Galicia and northern Portugal. He pioneered betting on the talent of the musicians of our community, so much so that players from other countries: France, Germany, USA wanted to join in previous work.


The festival "To Vigo I'm leaving", which takes its name from a song by Ernesto Lecuona teacher, was born six years ago now, in the summer of 2000, in response to the need to create a platform for the dissemination of knowledge and the Latin music.


Every year in summer in the program of the Festival of Christ's Victory Vigo addition Latino Festival "I'm going to Vigo" are held in the Auditorium of Castrelos a series of outdoor concerts.