Cies Islands. Atlantic Islands National Park of Spain

Vigo: Cies Islands

The Cies Islands archipelago consists of three main islands, the North Island or Monte Agudo, the island of Monte Faro, or Central and South Island or San Martino, and other small islands. The total area of ??protected natural park is over 3000 ha of which more than 400 are in the area emerged.

Central and Northern Islands (the Faro and Monte Agudo) are joined by a sandbar and a natural lake called Lake of children. These are the only two islands that are connected to Vigo by regular service passenger boat that runs from June to September and Easter.

This archipelago, which is located at the mouth of the Ria de Vigo and 15 kilometers from the city, has been declared National Maritime-Terrestrial Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia in 2002.

The Cies earned the nickname of "island of the gods" from ancient times. And I should not wonder cautivasen all those who visited. A warm climate and low annual rainfall (about half that in Vigo city) make them a paradise of the Atlantic.

The islands are uninhabited so unspoiled. You can go hiking routes identified by their forests and mountains with visits to observatories ornithological lighthouses, archeological, viewpoints of indescribable beauty and nine beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear waters, one reserved for nudism, and other many coves lost.

Getting to the Cies Islands

To go to the Cies Islands must take a boat in the Maritime Station of Vigo. Boats leave regularly every day of the week of June until 14 September, and Easter. There is a campsite of 800 pitches which can be booked at the Maritime Station. You can get more information call: 986 225 272.