Nature and landscapes

Vigo: Nature and landscapes

In its 110 square miles, Vigo offers nature lovers the most diverse landscapes: mountains and forest parks, rivers and reservoirs, the river sea, islands and dozens beaches and coves.

GR scenic pathway. 53

Vigo has a panoramic path, the GR. 53, which is part of the network of trails spread throughout Spain and Europe. This trail is over 50 km long, that guides the walks, on foot or by bicycle, by an impressive variety of landscapes: forests of pine, oak and chestnut forest parks, archaeological sites, rivers and mills, a reservoir, villages,. and stunning panoramic Vigo and its estuary.

Forest Parks

In Vigo's 12 forest parks scattered throughout the territory. They have balconies where you can admire the magnificent view of the city and the river, perfect for nature lovers and photography. They are ideal places to spend the whole day in the field, as they are equipped with fountains, tables and barbecues.

Forest Parks such as: Coruxo, Beade, San Andres de Comesaña, Zamans, Bembrive, Bandeira, Saians, Alba-Cepudo, Madroa, two wells, Vixiador,. let you get away from the bustle of the city and enjoy nature just minutes from the center of the metropolis.

Riverwalk of Lagares

If you do not want to get away from the city you can walk the Riverwalk Lagares River. This walk runs through the town, following it you will find two medieval bridges, and you will see many waterbirds nesting river and picnic areas, natural sources and a variety of native vegetation. The river flows through the park in an area Castrelos and passes under and around the stadium of Balaídos, then walk several kilometers to continuously lead Foz beach beachside Samil.

Galicia Zoo

Located in the Mount of Madroa at 340 meters above sea level, next to Forest Park Madroa, Vigo Zoo or Science Park meets laboras informative and natural recovery work. Were recovered and released genets, foxes, badgers, turtles, and over 200 birds of prey.

In Vigozoo can find animals like lions, tigers, bobcats, bears, zebras, deer, monkeys, monkeys, foxes, wild boar, bison, horses, eagles, vultures, owls, swans, pheasants, parrots, storks, rattlesnakes, cobras , iguanas, lizards, pythons, frogs, turtles, snakes, scorpions.