Vigo City

Vigo: Vigo: Places and streets

Vigo, modern and cosmopolitan city is the fastest growing city in the twentieth century, but has maintained its tradition and culture while preserving their own identity.

The Historical Center - "O Helmet Hair" Vigo

In the city center, near the sea, lies the old town. "O Helmet Hair" must-see spots houses like the old fishing district of Berbés, street basket makers, the Constitution Square, Royal Street, the "Mercado da Pedra" street oysters, concatedral neoclassical Vigo,.

The district Bouzas

Is the 100th anniversary of the annexation of this small fishing village in the municipality of Vigo moving from village to district due to the rapid growth of the city. However Bouzas marine origin preserved in its historic streets.

The Parish Church of Bouzas began construction in 1577 suffering the attack of the British Navy in 1589. Its construction was completed in the seventeenth century. Its facade shows a classicist with a debug access arch and a triangular pediment over three pinnacles. Stresses its bell tower which protrudes slightly from the plane of the facade.

Bouzas has beaches, boardwalk, bike path, old town, marina, fishing port, shipyards, bars and restaurants with excellent restaurants, bars and is where the loading and unloading of vehicles Citroen.The Bouzas parties are well known in the city, with the fireworks the most important and popular of Vigo.