Beaches of Vigo

Vigo: Beaches

Vigo is credited with over 40 sand, between beaches and coves, calm waters and fine sand.

The most popular and well known is the Samil beach, a wide sandy area with pine trees, with a length of almost 2 km and an average width of 35 meters. It is equipped with children's pools, slides, picnic areas, walks, playgrounds, a car racing circuit, skating, sports,. And all kinds of services, Red Cross, restaurants, sunbeds, pedalos, cleanliness, public transport, telephone, changing rooms, toilets, showers, fountains,. is probably one of the best equipped urban beaches in Europe.

From Samil, we O Vao, the second big sand Vigo, where you see waving the blue flag and retains some natural dune system. At the end of it, near the island of Toralla, is the property of Mirambel, a park where an archaeological dig uncovered an ancient Roman villa.

Facing Vigo is the natural park of the Cies, consists of three islands. Being protected natural park and be depopulated, we find idyllic beaches, some very small and hidden like Ace Margaritas, others like Figueiras popularly known as the Germans, where nudism is integral, the Cantareira square, and most important, the Rhodes, which has more than 1 length. You can see the beaches Cies Islands in the special report Vgoenfotos Islands.

Here are all the beaches you can enjoy in Vigo (recall that the Cies Islands are in the corresponding section in the islands). The sands are ordered from east to west along the coastline Vigo. From the beaches of Cacharela and Mende in the east end of town to the beaches of Fortiñón Muiños and Portiño in the west end. Passing Bouzas beaches, Alcabre, Navia and Coruxo.