University of Vigo

Vigo: University of Vigo

The University of Vigo was created in 1990. Its campus is spread over three cities: London (HQ), Ourense and Pontevedra. Assumes primary mission of providing the education service to the population of southern Galicia (about 1.5 million). Master the technological component in the wide range of courses offered, and some of certain exclusivity. The enrollment of around 30,000 students and 1,500 faculty staff.

The University of Vigo has seven departments of business, such as: Citroen, Fenosa, Telefónica, Comunitel, Anfaco, Coren and Ence. It is situated in a leading position among the newly established universities for scientific production. It currently has 260 research groups have generated significant scientific production doctorate thesis, publications, conferences and patents.

The contracting business has grown steadily every year since 1991 demonstrating its dynamic R & D policy and contributing to the funding of the University of Vigo. It currently has the Sixth Framework Programme for R & D of the European Union, effective through 2006, with structures improved over previous years.

To make a direct connection to their students with the labor market, the University of Vigo has created the Office of the Employment Guidance (Ofoe) and the Office of Business Initiatives (OFIE).The first facilitates the employment of graduates managing job offers and prevocational activities. The second, the OFIE, offers free advice and information are all those in the university community who decide to start a business.

We present the list of the faculties of the University of Vigo distributed across the three cities.

Campus of Vigo (Lagoas-Marcosende)

School of Mining Engineering
School of Telecommunication Engineering
School of Industrial Engineering
Faculty of Science
Faculty of CC. Economics and Business
Faculty of CC. Legal and Labour
Faculty of Philology and Translation

Campus of Vigo (City)

School of Nursing (Meixoeiro)
School of Nursing (Povisa)
EU Industrial Engineering
School of Business Studies
EU to Form. Prof. of EGB

Ourense Campus

ES Computer Engineering
School of Nursing
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Educational Sciences
Faculty of Business Studies
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Humanities

Campus of Pontevedra

E.U. Nursing
Forest University School of Engineering
U.S. Physical Therapy
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Science Education gives
Faculty of CC. Social and Communication

In groups Vigoenfotos available photographic campus faculties Vigo (Lagoas-Marcosende) for now. In subsequent updates will be added new powers.


We present here a photographic walk around campus faculties Vigo (Lagoas-Marcosende). We expect shortly to include the powers that are in the center of Vigo.

Auxiliary buildings
Auxiliary buildings

In this section you will see you survived its fair support and administration of the University.Introducing the CACTI (Support Centre for Scientific and Technological Research), the new classrooms, the Central Library and the new rector.


The sports facilities, dorm, theater and shopping center, are some that have insfraestructuras Vigo campus.