Monuments and sculptures

Vigo: Monuments and sculptures

Throughout the entire city sculptures and monuments occur in squares and gardens merging art with the urban environment. The sculptures on the street bring art to the natural environment that the viewer to appreciate from many viewpoints obr interacting with art. Dan plazas or parks named as the square of the miñoca with his sculpture of giant miñoca serve as a reference point and humanize the urban environment.

Vigo has sculptural gems in its parks and streets as Elduayen monument in the gardens of the Avenues or monument in Alameda Méndez Núñez. Both sculptures executed by the illustrious sculptor Agustín Querol, one of the most representative sculptors of nineteenth-century Spanish art.

Besides the famous sculptor Agustín Querol in Vigo can find sculptures by artists as important as Asorey, Benlliure, Leiro, Bucinos Camilo Noguiera, Oliveira, Xoan Pineiro.

They are already identifying monuments of the city: the colossal monument to horses, de Oliveira, in the Plaza of Spain, the monument to the work of Ramón Conde, at the beginning of the Gran Via, the monument "Porta do Atlantic," Silverio Rivas, in the Plaza de America, and Sireno sculpture by Francisco Leiro at Puerta del Sol

We present a brief guide of monuments and sculptures of Vigo.We wanted to pick the most representative and known by classifying nearly a hundred. Gradually we will increase the catalog as there are still many more are opening each year and more sculptures and monuments.

We have chosen a simple classification inical upon advice from theme: animals, famous people, groups, memorials, and other figures. And according to their style: contemporary sculpture. Subsequently be modified this catalog featuring sculptures by periods, styles and authors.