Museums of Vigo

Vigo: Museums of Vigo

The city of Vigo has a great cultural. Art Museums and contemporary Galician, archeology, ethnology, the sea, the words (Verbum). and a variety of art galleries with permanent and traveling exhibitions.

Marco Museum: The Museum of Contemporary Art has a collection of Vigo specializing in Spanish and Latin American contemporary art after the 80.

VERBUM MUSEUM: Verbum is an interactive museum on all areas related to human communication, designed as a cultural, recreational and informative which prune participate in an active way in the displays.

GALICIA SEA MUSEUM: The center will function outreach, teaching, research and recreation. Its design is based on the most modern concepts of integrated museum activity in marine environment. Facilities highlight your aquarium, its pier and lighthouse sailor.

MUSEUM LIST: Nine permanent exhibition displays more than 2,000 pieces through which the visitor crosses the Galician crafts, rye culture, the traditional wheel, zippers, fabrics, wood carved, light, materiality of faith and the art of healing.

Quiñones de León Museum: Housed in a manor of great beauty has one of the best art galleries in Galician artists.The manor also houses an archaeological museum, which presents pieces ranging from 1500 to 600 BC. In addition, the manor has beautiful gardens of English and French style.