Cultural centers and galleries

Vigo: Cultural centers and galleries

Vigo has a large range of cultural centers of private or public financing:

NOVACAIXAGALICIA CULTURAL CENTER (CAIXANOVA) Housed in the architectural jewel of Antonio Palacios García Barbon Theatre building, the Cultural Center Nova Caixa Galicia (Caixanova) is one of the best cultural centers in Spain. Theatre-Concert Hall, Auditorium Theater, Library, Exhibition Hall, Conference Room, Reception Hall and Classroom-Seminars. This center hosts art and culture at its maximum espledor: opera, theater, concerts, cinema, art exhibitions, lectures, dance, reading.

NOVACAIXAGALICIA SOCIAL CENTER: More than 5,000 square meters in the heart of the city dedicated to social, cultural and helps the company. In the room you know Naturnova actively the Universe, our planet and the environment. Also holds a sample of the collection Nova Caixa Galicia (Caixanova), the art collection of the world most important Galician. It has full infrastructure such as auditorium, meeting and reception rooms and workshops, temporary exhibition halls, an indoor garden.

Fundacion Pedro Barrie de la Maza: Fundacion Pedro Barrie de la Maza is a non-profit, private, dedicated to promoting the development of Galicia from a global perspective.Since its creation in 1966 by Pedro Barrie de la Maza has developed its activities in the areas of research, culture, education and social services. Its aim has been to design initiatives and projects, anticipating social demands, would open roads to the action of other entities, both public and private.

HOUSE OF ARTS: It hosts prestigious exhibitions and permanent collections and artists Laxeiro Luis Torras. It also provides a stable the work of photographer Pacheco, which includes the life of Vigo in their work for nearly a century.

GALEGA DA HOUSE CULTURE: Has Foundation funds Penzol specializing in Galician culture, and writer Francisco Fernandez del Riego, totaling more than 70,000 volumes. The set features an auditorium and a temporary exhibition hall.

LIBRARY: Located in the downtown Central Library offers many services: exhibition hall, auditorium, photocopying and reprographic, bibliographic information and interlibrary loan service desiderata, new books and newsletters guides reading, advocacy and encourage reading, free home loan of books, audiovisual materials and computer for adults and children.