Gardens and parks

Vigo: Gardens and parks

Vigo has a wide range of parks and gardens for everyone. From the refined French and English gardens Quiñones de León to urban gardens Montero Rios.

Very different paths can find parks with pools, playgrounds, walking areas and sports courts, bicycles, outdoor auditoriums, artificial lakes, small forests, forts, archaeological remains.

The Castro

The Castro is the second largest urban park, is situated high in the center of Vigo and is one of the most visited parks, especially by tourists.

At the top of the park is the seventeenth-century walled fortress thanks to its ideal location, you can see a beautiful view of Vigo and its estuary.

It has playgrounds, skating rinks, bike,. and in the lower part of the north side you can visit the archaeological ruins of a fort in the Iron Age.

Quiñones de León

The gardens of the manor Quiñones de León were traced to the late nineteenth century probably by renowned garden designer Oporto Portuguese Jacintho Mattos by order of the Marquis de Alcedo tenant.

In these gardens of great beauty can be five distinct parts: the entrance garden, the rose garden, French garden, the English garden (or "meadow you") and rear gardens and woods.

The French garden has been compared with a scale model of Versailles. Its layout is very beautiful and is inexcusable visit.


With an area of ??22,000 m2, Castrelos Park is the largest urban park in Vigo. The perfect place for leisure in the city concert hall outdoor artificial lake with waterfowl, walking areas, playgrounds, rest areas and plenty of room for sports.

It was donated to the city of Vigo by Marquis de Alcedo, owner Quiñones de León. This natural area adjacent land belonged to the manor now a museum and has beautiful gardens of Versailles and of great interest.

The park is populated by many species of trees and shrubs, mainly birch, pine, camellia, horse chestnut, brown, orange, banana, rhododendron, willow, magnolias and eucalyptus.

Other Parks and Gardens

Besides these three great parks here described: the Castro, Quiñones de León and Castrelos, Vigo has great parks and other green areas.

Near the port there are two important landscaped parks: the Alameda and Gardens Elduayen or Montero Rios recently renovated by the project "Open Vigo to the sea".

The Alameda is a historic city park built in the late nineteenth century on reclaimed land like that of Elduayen.Its design has changed over the years until its final configuration of a large central hall with side beds and three sources: a large central fountain with jets of water games and small fonts colors and two at the ends.

Magnificent sculptures of artist Jose Luis Medina and Galician sculptor Nogueira populate the Alameda.

Below are the Alameda Gardens Eijo Garay and garden area of ??Arenal Street. Close to these are the gardens of the Plaza de la Estrella.

In the parish of Teis and privileged position next to the river, the park is now crowned by the chapel of the same name. This park is a natural area with gardens and forests of pines and oaks and magnificent views of the Ria de Vigo.

Each district and parish have their parks and gardens so we can not discuss them all here but we can not forget to mention the Riouxa park designed by famous architect Ricardo Bofill and park in the parish Bouza Coia with care garden design and superb natural forest.