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Vigo: Marco museum

The identity framework is based on dynamism and spirit participatory museum business card for citizens and respect the same with other contemporary art centers in Spain and, in particular, the geographical environment Galician.

The temporary exhibitions devoted to recent artistic production in the most varied creative fields (visual arts, architecture, video, net art, design, film, music, fashion, etc.), Are the main activity around which the rest is articulated programming center. The museum has three exhibition program lines: a sample-based multidisciplinary art and contemporary culture, national and international one that encourages research, historical revisions and recovery of authors and / or artistic movements Galicians whose production has been languages ??linked to pioneering and, finally, the exhibition hall of Building Annex, dedicated to emerging artists productions.

On the other hand, in the Auditorium of the framework, regularly scheduled seminars and conferences, as well as audiovisual cycles of interest.

To spread the activities that take place in the museum, is developing an editorial own catalogs, leaflets and newsletters exhibitions didactic.

MARCO foundation created with the objective of becoming a hallmark for Vigo and a platform for the projection of the city and outside Galicia.

Museum rooms
Museum rooms

The proposal of architects has always respected the original style of the old building, which corresponded to the panopticon concept developed by the British philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832). Therefore, it has maintained its radial pattern, restoring the panopticon cylindrical core in layout and moving the entrance to the exhibition halls from the facade of the building at its center. Since it is perceived structure of the property, consisting of three galleries and four courtyards that leave the core, all surrounded by perimeter rooms.


The first section or topic is dedicated to the phenomena of control, surveillance and order in society. Echoing the original formulation of Jeremy Bentham (1768-1832].The panoptic prison is a tool to reintegrate into society those individuals whose behavior makes them excludable.

Entroncadas with panoptic structure and particular weather summary, a series of works exemplify the importance of the visual device, the machine scenic view and devices have become in contemporary creation.

Opposite the first, a new section will address the theme of escape, flight to a new horizon, the desire for freedom and travel elsewhere.


In 1980 there was an event that was framed in this context: the birth of Atlantica, a collective of artists and intellectuals united by a common desire for renewal, working with a creative approach radically innovative and integrated with the rest of the world, whose works Spanish managed to transcend international scale.

ATLANTIC The five exhibitions were not an isolated incident in the transformer environment that was present in Vigo in those years.Therefore, this sample was raised from the outset as a multidisciplinary project, which covers the period from 1978 to 1986, and includes other areas (music, poetry, graphic editing. Video art, performance, theater, etc.), Divided into three areas : an art exhibition on the first floor of the museum, a sample of documentation in the adjoining area, and a comprehensive catalog of nearly 650 pages.