University City

Vigo: University City

Lecture (Enric Miralles)

Combine the formation of a high ride and a group of modules arranged around a set of volumes arising from ribbed slabs supported on concrete and steel and concrete pillars.

Concrete, steel, wood and zinc are materials that take greater relief in the whole picture. The woodwork steel fasteners are used in building interiors and wood, bolondo in the exteriors. The two facades combine wood and zinc. In the S wood building components will be the principal. The joint covers are finished with zinc and folded sheet tend to wrap the facade N. A footbridge linking the Central Library Lecture Hall and the other with the Senate.

Project: Enric Miralles. Promotion: C.Universitaria, SA Amount: 450 million pts. Build: Malvar.

Commercial Zone and Theatre / Film (Enric Miralles)

The Commercial Zone Campus provides the various business services and catering in volumes coupled to topography, ie the mountain, and invading the space of the square with a metal canopy, supported by steel columns and wood coated tali. A single deck, smooth concrete, identifies these volumes unitarily. The deck is supported by pillars of different geometries, irrespective of the distribution of the spaces.On the cover is the restaurant, which is accessed by the central staircase of the set, but also has an elevator.

The opaque facades of various volumes are covered with granite concrete. The rest are glazed and, before them, are arranged tali wood paneling, folding a small porch way when the campus is closed. When the set is on, its façade is a transparent element. At night, the building becomes an opaque wooden facade.

Theatre: a topography allows activities can be envisaged Theater / Cinema (500 m2) from the outside, opening one of its facades. In the ceiling are the offices, hanging from the ceiling. Downstairs is the rehearsal room, dressing rooms and locker rooms for, and the music room. Is transformed into a mini movie theater of 250 seats.

Project: Enric Miralles Promotion: C.Universitaria, SA Amount: 350 million pts.

Residence (Alfonso Penela)

The residence building consists of a central core, where common services are installed and four arms leaving three gaits with a structure of starfish. These are based on the topography of the hillside penetrating its forests. The roofs of the building are flat and passable, as terraces, walking areas or general viewpoints.The facades are solved with a continuous skin of anodized aluminum frames and planks of beech and board to stain or paint.

Project: Alfonso Penela Promotion: Siresa Northwest SA Amount: 800 million pts Build: Malvar

Rector (Architect: Alfonso Penela. Plant Planning: Miralles / Tagliabue)

Alfonso Penela was commissioned to create the rectory building only conditioned by the plant curve defined in the draft Miralles.

Two volumes of four gait faced almost like two towers that individualize, in large horizontal extent, the character of the campus. They mark the other door from the residence to the squares. A footbridge linking the government team building with the classrooms.

Project: Study Miralles / Tagliabue Promotion: University of Vigo. Amount: 850 million pts

Sports Zone Cover (Enric Miralles)

Maintains continuity formal connection Heights landscape deck and facade alignments Central Area and effective program a connection through the core of the stairs and elevator board with this Aulario Sports Zone.

The sinking its main plant building 3.5 m. respect to the dimension of the square (462), forcing access via a gentle slope ramps between gardens.l set is crossed above the ground, by a road which serves the commercial and that simultaneously functions as the entrance hall ceiling and formally separates the two main volumes of the set.

Project: Enric Miralles Promotion: C.Universitaria, SA Amount: 380 million pts