The lights of cies

Vigo: The lights of cies

In the past the families of sailors exposed on high ground lights to guide them and to mark dangerous areas on land and at sea.

Many of the current lights have lost their initial use as well as its inhabitants: the lighthouse keepers. In Cíes we see in the North Island Lighthouse Monte Agudo and Centre Island lighthouse and the lighthouse carries much visited Monte Faro Lighthouse.

Monte Faro Lighthouse

This lighthouse was built between 1851 and 1853 and is in the center island to 178 meters above the sea level. Your access through a zigzag path curves ascension makes a challenge to most visitors to the faces list.

Once you get to the lighthouse the views of the cliffs and the South Island or San Martino outweigh the effort.

This lighthouse was inhabited until the 60 with a house around it. The keepers were schoolteachers of the island and the children of the Cies had to climb the lighthouse every day to attend classes. Today the original house no longer exists and the lighthouse is automated.

Faro da Porta

El Faro da Porta solar powered and with him begins the reserve zone of seabirds. The views of cliffs from their situation make your visit worthwhile. This lighthouse is a bit smaller than the Monte Faro Lighthouse.

This lighthouse is dated 1918 and is currently be seen in the solar panels that feed it.

Faro Faro Monte Agudo or do Peito

This small lighthouse or beacon, dated in 1904, serves to mark the north entrance of the Ria de Vigo with headlights out on the coast Home Morrazo.

It works automatically with solar panels that can be seen easily. This lighthouse is located on the edge of the North Island from which access is not allowed because it is a protected area for breeding seabirds.