Merchant ships and warships

Vigo: Merchant ships and warships

Ships that are not war, vessels develop as port services, navigation, cargo, passengers, fisheries research and constitute the so-called "merchant vessels".

Each of these types of merchant vessels are divided according to their characteristics.

Barges are small shallow draft boats that are used to carry the goods carried by ships dock such dimensions that can not dock attached to it.

The tugs assist in docking and undocking maneuver vessels, towing them for input and output ports.

Dredges are boats to excavate and remove the mud, and are used to preserve and increase the draft of the ports and clean the bottom.

Tanks, also called cisterns, water stored in tanks or fuel.

The pontoon boats or hulls are used to store old holds good when the ports are saturated.

Icebreakers, also called "sea knives" are vessels designed to break the ice that covers the surface of the sea during the winter.

Cable operators are ships intended for laying and repairing submarine cables.

Lightship vessels are fitted with a beacon on board, have the ability to anchor in fixed locations.

The training ships are vessels used for marine future learning.

The dry cargo vessels have large hatches and wineries to ship large volume parts. The arrangement of cranes or feathers, which are several, enables easy loading and unloading maneuvers.

The boats refrigerated warehouses containing compressors are used for cooling of the load.

For the transport of liquid cargo, have designed different types of vessels, including tankers are called also "ship-tank" or "tankers" and supertankers to reach one million tons.