Sea, river and dams

Vigo: Sea, river and dams

The sea embraces Vigo along the coast forming fine white sand beaches and facilitating the arrival of large ships to the city center. Vig and The Estuary is a haven for thousands of species of animals and a magnificent natural shelter protects the city and the ships that enter it from the force of the open sea.

Showing Landscapes are beautiful estuary. At the entrance of the estuary Cies Islands are a paradise islands with pristine beaches where thousands of birds have their nests during the breeding season. They are national parks and prohibited building on them, so they retain their natural state intact. The side facing the river is covered with beautiful beaches and the side facing the open sea shows impressive cliffs.

Small coastal villages are drawn along the river between the beaches down to Vigo. Further inland the river narrows and this was used to build the bridge of Rande. One of the most beautiful modern bridges reminiscent Spain and San Francisco bridge. This area is said that there are still wrecks their pantries full of gold. After the bridge of Rande widen the river again around St. Simon Island, an island used as a hospital for many years.

Vigo has many small rivers and springs, but among all of them notable for its length and Lagares river flow.The Lagares runs through the town, and next to him has become a riverside walk. Following him will find two medieval bridges, and see many waterbirds nesting river and picnic areas, natural sources and a variety of native vegetation. The river flows through the park and under Castrelos nearby Balaidos Stadium, then walk several kilometers to continuously lead to the beach of Foz beachside Samil.

The Zamans reservoir supplies drinking water to the city of Vigo with Eiras Dam. The dam creates wooded landscapes of great beauty. In its mouth you can visit ancient watermills rebuilt.