Nature parks

Vigo: Nature parks

In Vigo's 12 forest parks scattered throughout the territory. They have balconies where you can admire the magnificent view of the city and the river, perfect for nature lovers and photography. They are ideal places to spend the day in the field, as they are equipped with fountains, tables and barbecues.

Some parks have small ponds with ducks as the Mount of Wells, or even with turtles and peacocks like Beade. They are perfect places to get away from a busy day in the city.

The forest park of Madroa in Teis, presents a magnificent view of the city and the river to the bridge of Rande. Also next to the Vigo Zoo and facilities where trains Celta Vigo.

In the park Alba Cepudo can see the whole town from one of the highest mountains of Vigo. It also has 10 modern sculptures of ten famous sculptors that integrate seamlessly into its beautiful scenery, formed as the first international symposium of sculpture of Mount Alba, in 1999. At the top of this mountain, at 503 meters, is the chapel of Our Lady of the Dawn.

Forest Parks and Saians Oia are very close to each other and show a great view of the Cies Islands.

Forest Park is a park Comesaña newly built, 2002, and is a great unknown for many Vigo. It features barbecue area, tables, fountains and gazebo with benches. Near him can go a path leading to a set of old water mills.

If we follow the forest track Oia Park, or went up the road to the hermitage of San Sebastián can reach Coruxo forest park. This five-acre park is well equipped for a day in the countryside.