The castro

Vigo: The castro

The Castro is the second largest urban park, is situated high in the center of Vigo and is one of the most visited parks, especially by tourists.

At the top of the park is the seventeenth-century walled fortress thanks to its ideal location, you can see a beautiful view of Vigo and its estuary.

It has playgrounds, skating rinks, bike,. and in the lower part of the north side you can visit the archaeological ruins of a fort in the Iron Age which was later Romanized.

There are also identified in the botanical trails that overlook species as diverse as horse chestnut, poplar gray, scented camellia, pittosporum of China, Hakea, yucca tree, acacia wood black. and thus to more than 30 species.

The Fortress

At the summit is the walled fortress Castle Castro, XVII century military architecture. This military fortress was decided to build the possibility of maritime attack of the allied countries of Portugal in the Portuguese Restoration War (1640-1668).

Given this need for defense of the city is built the wall that surround the main town and would create the castles of San Sebastián Castro. The Castle of Castro would be the highest and would defend the city from its dominant position on top.Have been found underground passages linking the castle of Castro with San Sebastian and others into the walled city.

Castro's strength consisted of three overlapping walled polygonal Starry which preserves only the first and part of the second enclosure.

Parks and Gardens

The Castro is difficult to know in a day due to the variety of its landscapes and its many paths that crisscross each other around the hill.

At the top of the park are the gardens of the fort with pond and sculptures. Surrounding the fort's abundant natural spaces between the walls, from small gardens to forests and a duck pond and waterfall.

In the upper area, but outside the fortress, are the entertainment areas: a restaurant, a cafe, two playgrounds, a bike track and a skating rink and skating.

On the slopes have small areas of forest land roads quickly make you forget you're in the city center. It is full of small ponds and woodland environments with banks and more than 20 monuments and sculptures populate their spaces.