Castrelos park

Vigo: Castrelos park

With an area of ??22,000 m2, Castrelos Park is the largest urban park in Vigo. The perfect place for leisure in the city concert hall outdoor artificial lake with waterfowl, walking areas, playgrounds, rest areas and plenty of room for sports.

It was donated to the city of Vigo by Marquis de Alcedo, owner Quiñones de León. This natural area adjacent land belonged to the manor now a museum and has beautiful gardens of Versailles and of great interest.

The park is populated by many species of trees and shrubs, mainly birch, pine, camellia, horse chestnut, brown, orange, banana, rhododendron, willow, magnolias and eucalyptus.

The Auditorium

In its central area is one of the best outdoor venues in Spain.

The auditorium has Greco-Roman theater structure that leverages the natural slope of the hillside forming a beautiful natural space.

It has two parts separated by a moat: the stands and the area next to the stage, free and paid respectively. Every summer and due to local holidays Cristo de la Victoria are held outdoor concerts of great national and international artists.

The artificial lake

It inhabited by numerous species of aquatic birds: swans, ducks, geese.and was built with a capacity for sound and light shows synchronized with the water jets.

The pond is designed at various levels forming small waterfalls from the highest level where large vertical water jets. A bridge can cross it and enjoy small rest areas beside him.

Birds that live in it have become accustomed to human presence and stroll through the gardens surrounding the lake.

The gardens and forest

Castrelos Park has a large garden area next to the artificial lake. It is the perfect area for walking with abundant shady areas thanks to its wide tree line.

It consists of large areas of parkland traversed by winding roads. Rest areas with fountains, a creek and a small pond with sculptures.

The forest area is the widest. It consists of large trees that buffer the noise of the city and provide a natural and scenic beauty. This area is bounded by the Lagares River and is the preferred area for people who want to walk or jog.