Runway Fashion of young designer 2006

Vigo: Runway Fashion of young designer 2006

International Young Designers Lounge

The "X International Young Designers Lounge" was created 10 years ago with the clear objective to showcase the young talent of the future of fashion. Designed to present the work of new designers, is the benchmark for new fashion talent.

It is a "contest" for these new designers make contact with the reality of the labor market, show their work and get business contacts needed to advance their careers.

Iván Sánchez Alonso, Porrino, with his collection "O rexurdir do Quixote" won first prize in the eleventh edition of the Young Designers Runway, receiving 2,100 euros and diploma. This young designer also received special mention better complemented the collection.

The second prize of 1,500 euros, was in this edition to Laura Bergas, Barcelona, ??for the collection "Fragile" and the third, from 900 euros, the Group accounted AdaNegra of A Guarda, the collection "Gata".

The jury, which valued the high level of the participants, decided to award a second prize of 300 euros and diploma to Bern Diaz, La Cisterniga (Valladolid), for the collection "Kamikaze"

Furthermore, given again and for the second consecutive year a special award, the NX, worth 1.000 and sponsored by Caixanova. This award presents the uniqueness that is the result of the votes of the jury and the people who participated in a vote via the website.

This special award was for Cristina Hernandez of Barcelona, ??for his collection "Sweet Dreams".

Along with special mention to the best collection complemented, corresponding to Ivan Sanchez, the jury awarded to the most creative other, it was for Alberto Neves, Vigo, for "Broken Dolls" and better tailored, which went to Rosa Maria Castelló, Valencia, for "Taste of the East"

The Young Designers Gateway Vigoferia has shown, once again, that has become the benchmark for fashion in the whole country, not the bucket most of the participants came from other communities. So, it should be recalled that the present 23 collections with nearly thirty-five were designers designers from Catalonia, four of Navarra and the Basque Country, respectively, and there was also attended by participants from Madrid, Castilla-Leon, Asturias and Valencia.

Representatives Galicians were four in total.

The jury was composed of representatives of the fashion world-renowned in the field, and had a hard time to find the winners, as a result of the excellent work presented.

Collections that will participate in the contest most, 19, were for womenswear, menswear two and two children.

The jury of the Young Designers Runway was one of the last acts developed within Vigoferia, the multisectoral closed today in IFEVI, confirming once again that it is one of the events that has the largest number fan in northwestern peninsular.

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