Galician house of the culture

Vigo: Galician house of the culture

The "Casa da Cultura Galega" is a multidisciplinary center, which ranks first in the scheduling of artistic and literary with the existence of a bibliographic and museum highly qualified in regard to the study of historical and current reality of Galicia . It has a temporary exhibition hall, auditorium, permanent exhibition hall, reading room and reading room for researchers, as well as units for internal use.

The main points of the "Casa da Cultura Galega" are Penzol Library, Fernandez del Riego Library and Museum Francisco Fernandez del Riego.

Library services

The library service has 54,000 volumes (books and pamphlets) and 2,338 titles (serials or periodicals)

Both the library Penzol as Fernandez del Riego offer the same services: bibliographic and reference information, see CAPEL (online catalog), consultation room, interlibrary loan, bibliographic exchange, reprographics and reading room for 30 readers, with free electrical outlets for laptops.

Archive documents Penzol Foundation, from various sources, are a valuable source for historical research, literary and linguistic Galicia. Among the Archive's Del Riego, like between the Penzol, an interesting documentation ideological movement known as Galician.

Library Foundation gives Penzol

Library for public use, but privately owned funds as donation Penzol Fermín is governed by the foundation that bears his name. Today, the Library Penzol is considered the best and most complete theme Galician: Geography, history, religion, economics, thought, politics, literature, ethnography and anthropology.

Besides the Penzol has a valuable collection of historical maps with numerous specimens of the eighteenth century. A preciadísima resource for researchers and scholars. Funds donated by Penzol were supplemented with other donations and deposits from individuals and institutions.

Francisco Fernandez del Riego Library

In 1995, Francisco Fernandez del Riego donates its bibliographic, documentary and artistic city of Vigo. The collection of texts, documents, volumes and periodicals totals over 20,000 titles, to which must be added the personal correspondence Francisco Fernandez del Riego (Vilanova de Lourenzá, 1913) maintained over decades with leading figures of Galician and intellectuals in the interwar period and after the coup of Franco, with those who remained in internal exile, like him and those who left Spain during the dictatorship. The central theme of the library and documentation covers humanities and together with the social and cultural reality of Galicia.

Francisco Fernandez del Riego Museum

The art collection, the museum axis Francisco Fernandez del Riego, consisting of 254 pieces of which 79 are paintings and the rest are sculptures, photographs, personal items, etc..

In regard to the picture collection is interesting for the sample to be representative of the contemporary Galician artists irrigation: Maside, Castelao Minguillón Julia, Virxilio White, Diaz Pardo, Colmeiro. From a chronological point of view, the first being authored by Ovid Murguia Murguia son and Rosalia de Castro. Among the most recent, there are paintings by artists of the last decades of the twentieth century as Matamoro Din.


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