House of the arts

Vigo: House of the arts

Ground floor: Pacheco Photo Archive

The Photographic Archive Pacheco represents the most complete collection of photographic resources on the city of Vigo in public ownership. It consists of glass plates, negatives, positives and other materials into different format for a total of 100,000 images between 1900 and 1970. The authorship of the photographs represent several generations of the same family photographers. The acquisition comes on the purchase contract to the heirs of the photographers, in May 1991. There is restricted access to documentation and bibliographical and artistic for researchers. It is currently in the process of cataloging and digitization.

Second floor: Collection Torras

This collection was born in 1998, the result of the donation by the artist Vigo, Luis Torras (Vigo, 1912) to the city. Following agreement with the painter, the House of Arts becomes permanent seat of this collection consists of 50 paintings donated and 17 leased warehousing. Considered one of the outstanding figures of contemporary Galician plastic, Luis Torras manifested a predilection for landscapes and portraits, following a meticulous technique and style that leads to a singular fauvism, impressionism post from a cubist roots. Torras Collection, together with the paintings on display at the Museum Quiñones de León, represents the best selection of works by this artist Vigo developed along its trajectory.

Third floor: Foundation and Collection Laxeiro

Jose Otero Abeledo, aka Laxeiro (Lalin, 1908-Vigo, 1996) account in the House of Arts with a permanent exhibition, consisting of a total of 62 works owned by the Council of Vigo, in bond provided to the Foundation Laxeiro, entity ensures dissemination of research and the work of this artist, leader of the movement known as renovators of historic avant Galician. The collection runs from the earliest times the artist has the latest productions. They are part of the Foundation Council of Vigo Laxeiro, Laxeiro heirs, the Government of Galicia, Pontevedra Provincial Council and the City Council of Lalín.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, the Foundation organizes temporary exhibitions Laxeiro, with funding from private and public collections from the same author, gives anthological works for exhibitions, publishes works in exhibitions organized outside of Vigo, as held in Havana in 2001, and program all kinds of artistic activities in the art world, but also of music or poetry.


The halls of the House of Arts range from the contemporary Galician art exhibitions dedicated to Abreu Bastos anthologies, Castelao, Colmeiro, Dario Basso, Frau, Laxeiro, Matamoro, Pulido, among others; samples more international avant-garde art of the twentieth century as "Postpictórico Pop: Noland-Warhol" photo exhibitions, such as "As Fontes da Memoria", "Pacheco File", "Alfonso", "Earth from Above", the Fotobienales, unique exhibits like Impossible Objects or historical toys, or meteor, of ethnographic and historical archaeological content, such as "Rock art and contemporary", the memorial of the 50th anniversary of the Editorial Galaxia, "Words for a country", or the " Indians and Eskimos. "


The plasma photographic collection in almost 100,000 black and white photographs of the everyday witness in the years 1900-1970 Vigo. Chronicle of the city, from the theater fire García Barbon and concentrations in the Puerta del Sol to the architecture of some buildings have now disappeared. In this series of photographs shows the restoration process, classification and digitization of this collection.