The campus of vigo

Vigo: The campus of vigo

University City is being built on the campus of Vigo (Lagoas-Marcosende) retrieves the genuine concept of campus, or "academic city".

The City University of Vigo can be divided into five main sections: teaching buildings, infrastructure, central area, pedestrian and residential area.

The powers belonging or affiliated to the University present in the city of Vigo, grouped by campus are:

Campus of Vigo (Lagoas-Marcosende)

School of Mining Engineering
School of Telecommunication Engineering
School of Industrial Engineering
Faculty of Science
Faculty of CC. Economics and Business
Faculty of CC. Legal and Labour
Faculty of Philology and Translation

Campus of Vigo (City)

School of Nursing (Meixoeiro)
School of Nursing (Povisa)
EU Industrial Engineering
School of Business Studies
EU to Form. Prof. of EGB