Vigo: Infrastructures

Student Residence

The residence building consists of a central core, where common services are installed and four arms leaving three gaits with a structure of starfish. These are based on the topography of the hillside penetrating its forests. The roofs of the building are flat and passable, as terraces, walking areas or general viewpoints.

The residence offers 194 individual accommodation with shared kitchen every two of them, eight double accommodations for handicapped and 15 individual accommodation with separate kitchen. In total, 225 seats. 70% of the units have two directions, with mountain views and (some of them) the estuary, and Zamans valley on the other side. Common services include three study rooms, auditorium, games room, cafeteria, gym, laundry, luggage, bike room and workshop-warehouse. All units are in fact individual, other than for the disabled. Although there are various types, are about 14 m2 plus 2.75 m2 room. Every two hotels share the kitchen, of 4.76 m2, which is accessed independently from each of the rooms. The furniture in the rooms is the basic: bed, desk and wardrobe. Users are responsible for their conservation. The rooms are all connected to the general network voice and data Campus.


The Commercial Zone Campus provides the various business services and catering.It contains the following activities: Stationery (Stationery, photocopying, library), food (supermarket, drugstore, nuts and sweets), fashion (footwear, leather goods and accessories, denim, young fashion), services (banking office, travel agency, shoe repairs and keys, driving school, hairdresser, optician), several (photography, kiosk, disks, computer, telephone, electronics, sporting goods store, gift shop), hospitality (pizza, hamburger, ice cream, pastries, coffee shop, restaurants and other exponents of fast food).

Theatre Cinema

The topography allows activities can be envisaged Theater / Cinema (500 m2) from the outside, opening one of its facades. In the ceiling are the offices, hanging from the ceiling. Downstairs is the rehearsal room, dressing rooms and locker rooms for, and the music room. Is transformed into a mini movie theater of 250 seats.

Indoor sports facilities

In this building are installed, a pool, a gym and three squash courts, changing rooms for men and women. From the lobby connects to the volume covered with houses three regulation squash courts (187 m2), or gym (115 m2). The pool, 25x12, 5 m., Has six lanes and a constant depth of 1.85 m. On one wall is a clock installed specifically designed by Enric Miralles for users to measure their sporting times.Users only have access to the pool from the dressing rooms and always through a tunnel of showers. Each of the two changing rooms for men and women, with 90 lockers, a changing area for banks, eight shower stalls, sinks, bar sinks and prefabricated sauna 2x2 m. The total constructed as Cover Sports Zone is 2174 m2.

Outdoor sports area

- Football and rugby.
- Three basketball courts.
- Three tennis courts.
- Two athletics tracks of 100 m.
- Jogging tracks.