Auxiliary buildings

Auxiliary buildings

Vigo: Auxiliary buildings

Support Centre for Scientific and Technological Research (CACTI).

The CACTI promotes and facilitates research work to develop action research equipment of excellence. In recent years, he joined a large number of scientific teams and consolidated its staff establishment to increase the supply of services to the university community, the research groups and public agencies or private companies. It has modern equipment in its labs that make up the sections of instrumental analysis, molecular spectroscopy, radiochemical techniques, electron microscopy, determination of physical properties and workshops.

Central Library

Teledocumentation Documentation Centre and Scientific Technology and Library headquarters Universitaria.Constituye the head of the University Library. It provides nearly 11,000 monographs and more than 3,700 periodicals as sources of information to support the teaching, study and research. Its services include consultation room, home loan, bibliographic and reference and interlibrary loan and document delivery.


Linear building that represents the most significant contribution to the construction of the new Central Walk, both for its geographical location and its architectural configuration.Combine the formation of a high ride and a group of modules arranged around a set of volumes arising from ribbed concrete slabs. The eastern end of the building, where it meets the Deck Sports Zone, contains an elevator to ensure access for the disabled to all.


Two volumes of four gait faced almost like two towers that individualize, in large horizontal extent, the character of the campus. They mark the other door from the residence to the squares. A footbridge linking the government team building with the classrooms.