Ocean liner ships

Vigo: Ocean liner ships

The liners dock Vigo

Vigo has a transatlantic pier 552 meters long and 12 meters deep. It docked, annually, more than 80 cruise ships that visit our city bringing more than 70,000 visitors from around the world.

A project for the construction of a new dock ships that coexist with ample amenities. The new pier will have a transatlantic projected length of 700 meters berthing for large cruise ships and also expand the area of ??recreational vessels. A large pedestrian, bicycle lanes and two towers overlooking the river complete the project.

On arrival of the cruise tourists visit the city and its surroundings through bus tours reveling tasting the local cuisine and vision of Galician culture.

From the Titanic to the Queen Mary II

The sinking of the Titanic on April 14, 1912 marked a before and after in the construction of large passenger ships. Today security conditions are excellent. There have been numerous studies to improve passenger comfort. In these structures boats as high wind effect can cause sudden balance that would be uncomfortable for passengers. To avoid this design are built with large "initial stability" and stabilizing mechanisms are added to achieve a more enjoyable trip.The central part is used to give longitudinal strength and cabins, as this is where there is less roll, leaving the bow and stern areas free for leisure activities.

The central area is usually reserved for first-class ticket leaving remote areas for the passage of the second or third category. Within this classification are considered as luxury cabins which are exterior and are at the highest levels. The dining rooms are usually installed in lower decks with closer to the center of gravity where the swings feel less.

The Queen Mary in 1936 was the largest passenger ship, most luxurious and most famous in the world. Linked to Europe to New York, being used for 30 years by the most famous celebrities from the artistic and political. During the Second World War the British used it to transport his troops. In 1966 the ship stopped operating and has now been transformed into luxury hotel, docked in Long Beach Harbor, California, in addition to hosting service, has assembled a museum, aquariums (installed by Cousteau), shops and restaurants.

The title of world's largest cruise ship was caught later by the Queen Ellizabeth and currently holds the Queen Mary II. The Queen Mary II is the highest passenger ship, length and breadth of the world. Begin its maiden voyage in 2004, with the port of Vigo the first port visited since leaving the shipyard.The Queen Mary II is longer than the Eiffel Tower is just a few meters shorter than the Empire State Building.


Passenger capacity: 3090, No. of crew: 1253, Year Built: 2003, Shrouds: 14; Tonnage: 150,000 tons, Length: 345 m Breadth: 41 m Height: 72 m Speed: 30 knots

Boat Features: Canyon Ranch Spa - With an area of ??1,957 square meters occupies 2 decks, 5 different pools; Wide range of accommodations. From cozy cabins more than 18 square meters to the Balmoral and Sandringham Duplex Suites with 209 square meters, on two levels; Cunard ConneXions Program; Observatory Illuminations; Art Collection valued at USD 5 Mill, Museum of Maritime History, Personal Service Butler to Queens Grill Accommodation; concierge service for accommodations; Queens Grill and Princess Grill, Babysitter (English Nannies), 75% of the cabins have large private balcony, 17 stories high, 37 elevators, an auditorium capacity for 1094 people, five pools, 14 bars, a main restaurant, ballrooms and a huge gym 2. 325m2, planetarium is also cinema and conference room. A library of 8,000 volumes in different languages ??to practice spaces: golf, tennis, paddle tennis, basketball, etc., casino, extensive wine cellar and cellar.


Passenger capacity: 1,890, No. of Crew: 1004; remodeling Year: 1999, Shrouds: 13; Tonnage: 70,327 tons, No. of cabins: 910, Length: 293.50 m Breadth: 32 m Speed: 28.5 knots

Boat Features: Over 4000 square feet of covered outdoor pools, tennis courts and other recreational areas as sports center, jacuzzi baths. It features modern decor with luxurious restaurants, luxury boutiques and satellite TV. It has 5 restaurants with single shift, sauna, gym, beauty salon comprehensive casino and slot machines, religious service on board.


Passenger capacity: 1950 passengers, Year Built: 2000 Number of crew: 999 Covers: 11; Tonnage: 91000 tons, Length: 294 m Breadth: 32 m Speed: 24 knots

Boat Features: Cabins with interactive TV, safe, minibar and hairdryer Hall for cigar and pipe smokers, Casino and slot machines; greenhouse Spanish assistance; Fitness / Beauty comprehensive, Internet Zone, spa.


Passenger capacity: 2,600 Year of construction: 2001, No. of Crew: 1,100; Covers: 13; Tonnage: 108,806 tons, No. of cabins: 1300, Length: 290 m Breadth: 36 m Speed: 24 knots

Boat Features: Assistance in Spanish, 700 cabins with private balconies, 3 fancy restaurants, pizzeria and ice cream parlor and a caviar bar bars, 4 swimming pools and nine whirlpools; Library, Center for Virtual Reality Wedding Chapel; Activities and large area Children / youth; Grand casino, art gallery, holistic beauty salon, golf simulator, virtual reality center and digital photo studio.


Number of Passengers: 1828 passengers Decks: 10, Length: 260 meters; Tonnage: 69,000 tons, Date: 1995, Speed: 24 knots

Boat Features: Nearly 100 private balcony cabins, three swimming pools and five jacuzzis, two main restaurants, a pizzeria, a restaurant with buffet, coffee and chocolate, 10 bars, a theater, a nightclub, a cinema / concert, three dance floors and a casino, beauty salon, fitness center, golf simulator and a tennis court, duty free shops, business center, library and reading room, special areas reserved for children.