Verbum Museum - words house

Vigo: Verbum Museum - words house

The brand name chosen for the project is VERBUM, Latin word meaning "word".

VERBUM is an interactive museum on all areas related to human communication, designed as a cultural, recreational and informative in which you can participate in an active way in the displays. VERBUM is an entertainment space to experiment and learn through play everything related to human communication (languages, languages, words, letters, sounds, signs, symbols, sight, hearing, reading, writing, literature, tecnología_).

The exhibition design is organized Verbum 29 cubes, containing within it a total of 81 modules (information units) in which the different topics are developed that treats the museum.


The building is located in front the sea in the vicinity of the Samil beach. Entertainment area of ??the city of Vigo in which there is a long promenade along the beach, plus parks, sports facilities, playgrounds, and parks catering establishments.

A Samil area is easily accessible by private transport and public transport services in the city through Bouzas - Alcabre Travesas - San Paio Navia and O Vao - Canido.

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VERBUM The building, designed by architect César Portela Galician and executed by the builder Necso, is divided into four floors (basement, ground floor, first floor and roof) unified by a light box that crosses and connects in which communications are structured vertically (stairs and elevators). The total constructed area of ??over 5,000 m2, located on a plot of over 13,000.

The additional services that will VERBUM, besides the displays are: slogan, café, shop, temporary exhibition hall and auditorium. The offer will be extended permanently VERBUM with scheduling activities.


Speaking as the smallest unit of meaning, the contents of VERBUM develop in four general disciplines: languages, sciences, literature and technology.

Audiovisual technologies are used in the modules 18, 13 electronic, scenographic at 28, graphics 65, 22 and object-based computer on in 38 of them. The actions we have to develop the public are starting a mechanism in 12 modules, do something at 62, observed in 51, 50 and introduce variables in personal choices in 14 of them. They are intended for a family audience 34 of the modules, the 44 individual visits and group visits two of them.


Verbum rooms dedicated to temporary exhibitions. In his inauguration. the museum presents two exhibitions: "Vigo publishing capital" and "News.'s first attempts to teach over nine panels and two tables exhibiting the most important publishing activity in the city developed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The temporary exhibition "News" shows a didactic transmission of news through various media: print, television, radio and the internet.