Vigo: Pasarela de moda Tesoira 2010

The gateway is born of the need to create a showcase alternative in which young designers from the city to show their creations.

The Fashion Night Sireno aims to create a new space for promising young fashion city. This is not a competition or contest, but a showcase in which 12 participants in this first edition will showcase their creations and work.

Sireno Fashion Night is a pioneering initiative, unprecedented in Galicia, and modeled on the catwalks alternatives for young talent that already exist in cities such as Barcelona, ??London or Berlin.

The aim is to offer a different space, alternative to existing, a place where designers can showcase their designs to the public and the fashion industry, serving gateway showcase their creations.

In this first edition of the runway, designers Vigo involves twelve different styles and training. Each presented a micro-collection of six outfits, with total creative freedom on the part of the organization. They are: Alberto Neves, F. Amaya White, Anne Simon, Jose Martinez, Maiko Carmencostas, Marc Lago, Margarita Cuesta, Natalia Correa, Pedro Fernandez, Stephanie Larumbe, Tanya and Uxía Cid Cardoso.

The idea was born in a selfless, simple and austere, almost without sponsors, but with ambition and intention to become a place to look to find young talent, a reference alternative in the fashion world in Galicia. The event has the support invaluable Jandro Villa (National Award for Young Fashion Designers), VOGA Models, School of Image and Sound, and The Moreneta Vigoenredados, without whom altruistic not have been possible to organize the Sireno Fashion Night.