Runway Fashion of young designer 2007. Tesoira 2007

Vigo: Runway Fashion of young designer 2007. Tesoira 2007

Contest Galician Tesoira new fashion designers 2007

Welfare through the Department of Youth in the program GZcrea. The Vigo Maria Rosa Martinez Lucia Island and Casanova Lugo occupied respectively the second and third.

Thus, they show the world creators with a bright future whose works are known internationally as genuine acting these young "ambassadors" of the country.

Carolina Gonzalez Garcia, Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, won first prize in the 2007 with the collection Tesoira 'paper', paper prepared just 150 grams white Piggy. Her designs combine to create different textures and sensations lighting volumes in a more conceptual than practical. It is an austere proposal that access the intimate plane, starring clean cuts and blunt. The designer, 29, is making the second course doutorado 'modes of knowledge in contemporary art practice' at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra.

Isla María Rosa Martinez, 21 and born in Vigo, received second prize from the president of Caixanova, Julio Fernandez Gayoso. Under the heading 'corozas', this 21 year old presented a set of creations that reflect the future look that evokes the past, with designs that build a bridge between the reinterpretation of craftsmanship Galician German Expressionism.Combine arpilleira and paper volumes that configure tridimensionais dresses with geometric lines, maintaining a uniform color that, ike forms, is based on the aesthetics of corozas. She had participated in the catwalk Veteris Pontus and now alternates his fashion studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Pontevedra with sector jobs.

The third prize of 'Scissors 2007' was for Lucia Yanez Casanova, born in San Ciprian (Lugo) 21 years ago. Councillor for Social Welfare of the City of Vigo, Maria Mendez, presented the award for the collection 'Versus', which consists of very different textures by combining fabrics and weighing heavy with lighter ones. Furthermore mixture mimicking older tissues with more current. 'Versus' is the result of the confrontation of ideals and visions of life between two very different generations, children and elderly, and intends to join the confrontation. Casanova Lucia studying a higher level vocational training in Art and Design and Clothing Styling Felicidad Duce School.

The Young Creators Certame Galician Tesoira Fashion 2007 is equipped with three prizes of 3,000, 1,500 and 1,000 euros for ranked first, second and third place respectively. The three winners will also get their respective bag 3,000 for training in the textile industry with designers Christopher Vidal, Pilar and Maria Marino Bande.

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