Vigo: Pasarela de Jóvenes Diseñadores 2009 - Vigoferia

The designer Vigo Jandro Villa, with the collection "Yankee O" was the winner of the fourteenth edition of the International Young Designers Runway, which closed this afternoon at the Instituto Ferial de Vigo (IFEVI). The contest was organized by fashion Planner & Proceltha company.

The collection "Yankee O" womens couture is a revision of America from the viewpoint of iconic and culture of waste in every sense under the figure of Jackie Kennedy (Yankee O). As the designer says "the garments are treated as models, symbols, parts or processes." Hence in the four sets submitted prevail in the colors gray and gray cardboard concrete as architectural models: rigid and mounted.The whole collection is based on culture and artifice of the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard. The collection mixes tailoring and pattern and classic Nordic style.

Jandro Villa has a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Vigo, in the art of sculpture. He also studied at the Graduate School of Design and Fashion of Galicia (ESDEMGA), based in Pontevedra. Last year, he completed his training in Finland after an academic exchange.

In 2008, won third prize in the gateway "Debut 08", where school students presented their final projects ESDEMGA. For six months he trained in the company of Lydia Delgado, and this year worked as personal assistant to the Galician designer Marta Montoto in the last edition of the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, in "The Ego".

The first prize of 2,100 euros, was presented by Councilwoman Xuventude, Equality and linguistic normalization of the City of Vigo, Iolanda Veloso, and the foreign trade of the NH Palacio de Vigo, Lucila Fernandez hotel sponsor of this first award.

The second prize of 1,500 euros, went to Roberto Etcheberría Gipuzkoa, currently in Barcelona working as personal assistant to the Russian designer Sergei Povaguin for his collection "Dress Code", and the third, of 1,200 euros, went to the Vigo Alberto Neves by "Sublime Sublima".

In addition to these three winners, the jury awarded two runners to Pamplona by Ibanez Edurne "Garlik & Kautxo"   and Miriam Hernandez and Jone bizcaínas Gonzalez, who filed joint collection "Tineidae".

The Pamplona Nahia Iriarte, with the collection "XKNO?" Took special mention to the collection Best Complemented while Marta Muñoz Gipuzkoa signature "Kataklismo" with "sixth continent" won in paragraph collection More Creative. Special mention to the collection was for Best Made cacereña Rocío González with "total black".

The jury was composed Gateway prominent representatives of the fashion world as Israel Rodriguez, art director Antonio Pernas and Candy; Arantxa Garcia Valcárcel, Umbro designer, Antonio Barros, creative director Siempreesviernes; Manola Peña, designer, Maria Conde del Carmen Estevez and Veronica Vazquez, director and pattern designer of Model Novias respectively; Pilar Bande, designer, Virginia Gayo Santos, Technical Design Purification Garcia and Fran Malde, Director Kina Fernandez expansion. 

             The organization of the event was very optimistic with the great reception of this year's fashion contest. "In the next issue, we will leverage the Gateway as the main meeting point for the textile Galicia and as a starting point for promising young fashion, a strategic sector of the Galician Community is an international power. In 2010 give greater importance to the fashion shows and commercial supply to output the new collections, "said Ruben Lopez, president & Proceltha Planner.

A total of 31 artists from Spain and Portugal collections presented this year 26 -21 and 5 collective-individual. Participants included designers from nine regions, the majority of Galicia and the Basque Country, and Catalonia, Andalusia, Madrid, Navarra, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla-Leon, and one of Portugal.