Runway Fashion of young designer 2007

Vigo: Runway Fashion of young designer 2007

International Exhibition of Young Designers 2007

The "XI International Young Designers Lounge" was created over 10 years ago with the clear objective to showcase the young talent of the future of fashion. Designed to present the work of new designers, is the benchmark for new fashion talent.

It is a "contest" for these new designers make contact with the reality of the labor market, show their work and get business contacts needed to advance their careers.

Jacobo Campos took first prize in the International Runway Designers Xóvenes and Edurne Ibáñez second, along with a special mention to the best Collection Made

30 collections climbed the gangway of Ifevi hall, created by a total of 38 young designers. The overall winner was one of only two designers with menswear collection, Jacobo Campos, who, with his collection Rock Star, Vigo brought to a modern man, clad in black leather. The closing of his show, with an impressive fur coat in brown, pulled the biggest ovations of the evening the audience that filled the auditorium with capacity for a thousand people seated, but the flow was such that tens of attendees scattered through the halls.

The second award was presented to Edurne Ibanez, who also received a special mention to the collection compiled by Kautxo best, a risky proposition in which they send the blacks.Just the same color that started the parade of the third classified, Cristina Hernandez, whose collection Shadow demanding jury convinced.

In addition to these three winners, the jury awarded a second prize to Silvia Gonzalez Guerra, creator of Chic collection, with which pervaded the air auditorium and French style.

The special award was given to Vicky NX AVACA for his collection The Reps, with which transported the audience to interwar Europe. Cruz and his collection Eba On Earth took special mention to the best collection complemented Gothic and sophisticated airs.

Finally, special mention was the most creative collection for Areli EGIA with Metamorphosis, a collection also dark tones and dramatic use of supplements.

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