The 'Peto de animas'

Vigo: The 'Peto de animas'

Dickies of souls that are in the paths emerged as a way to help the spirits or souls in Purgatory by alms and pray a prayer.

Morphology souls Transom

They are usually made of stone and are a variety of ways. They usually have a cavity in the central body which represents the souls in purgatory between relive or flames in a painting. They also take a piggy bank for charity and can take a glass or a fence to protect it. Most often wear a cross on top.

Situation of souls bibs

Dickies of souls are often located generally at the crossroads. Can also be found in the precincts of the church or on the sides of a road. The road crossings are the most common because they are the most frequented by locals and traditionally one of the most contact with the supernatural.

Why bibs are constructed souls?

Dickies of bores serve to keep the memory of the souls in Purgatory, and pray for them. Have a dual function, good action who ordered the construction and otherwise beneficial to the souls of the community. Almsgiving allow for their help and many of them have inscriptions like: "Remember us." to be asked for his soul.And hoping to continue the tradition and so, once dead who now pray is to pray for them. Devotees can put candles and pray fente the image.

Traditions and legends about ghosts bibs

Dickies of souls that are in particular walls are cared for them. Alms practically gone today but if kept candles and sometimes offerings of the first fruits of the harvest. Souls that are targeted to the wahoo could be orphaned souls who have no one to pray for them.

Morphology iconographic souls Transom

The iconographic motifs are of various kinds. All have as the centerpiece of the souls in the flames of purgatory and a central figure who watches over them. This may be a central figure ovispo, a king or a saint. You may also see the figure of Christ on the cross or the Virgin, as well as other secondary figures as angels of purgatory or elements of passion.