Biblioteca central

Vigo: Biblioteca central

The Central Library is located in Building 1889 Ferro construction, designed by de la Fuente Jenaro Domínguez. The building was, in its origin, multiple uses: private house (of Pedro Román) trade and Casino Worker, entertainment entity which stressed a unique ballroom beautiful design that was respected in the reform on the building to make it Library, and today is the reading room.

Services in the library:

Adult reading room reading 110 posts.
Section infant / juvenile 116 study places.
35 posts Hemeroteca reading.

Other services:

- Exhibition hall, conference room for 45 people, public telephone, photocopying and reprographic, bibliographic information and interlibrary loan. Service desiderata, new books and bulletins reading guides.
- Advocacy and encourage reading. Loan free delivery of books, audiovisual materials and computer for adults and children.
- Activities such as animation and film club promotion, storytelling, reading clubs, tours, user training, etc.
- School visits to centers within and outside the municipality of Vigo.
- Upon request, the address of the library offers a conference room for activities of associations, organizations and other groups.


To use the home loan need the library card to check out books or go to activities necessary. The user license is formalized library covering a tab and submitting your ID card and two recent photographs.

Library collections:

Books: 115.000; Periodicals: 659; Discs: 466; Diapositivas3.603, CD-Rom: 456; Cassettes: 345, Videos: 363


Morning: 9:00 to 14:30
Afternoon: 15:30 to 20:30
Saturday: 10-14
The children's room is only open in the morning on non-school times. Afternoons and Saturdays, all year.
Summer Hours: July and August are open Monday to Friday and only tomorrow

Central Library:

Joaquin Street Yáñez, 6. 36202 Vigo
Tel 986 22 90 74 and 986 22 73 93
Fax: 986 22 73 42