Club Náutico Centenary

Vigo: Club Náutico Centenary

Concerts of Sabina and Oreja de Van Gogh on the esplanade of transatlantic pier serve to commemorate the centenary of the RCN Vigo

La Oreja de Van Gogh

La Oreja de Van Gogh inaugurólos concerts scheduled to mark the centenary of the Real Club Nautico de Vigo.

The group jumped on stage donostiarra about 2300 hours on the esplanade of transatlantic pier, where he presented his new album, which is called 'Guapa'. So, 'Guapa' has gone straight to number one on the list of best-selling albums, two platinum albums, and has sold 414,000 seven days records worldwide: 220,000 in Spain and 194,000 in Latin, from the U.S. to Argentina.

Joaquín Sabina

The Spanish singer Joaquin Sabina presented the songs from their latest album, 'Grief Relief', in addition to a review of the great successes of his discography.

Sabina has released seventeen albums over twenty-seven year career, and was three years without recording new material, since he published in 2002 'Tell me in the street'.

In addition, the new album by Sabina its producers, along with Joseph A. Romero, play guitars, basses, keyboards, harmonicas and make schedules and choirs.

They accompanied the voice of Olga Román, low enough Paco, Pedro Barceló batteries and Tino DiGeraldo, the guitars of John Parsons and Jaime Asúa, all faithful to Sabina musicians for years.