Jazz - Imaxinasons 2006

Vigo: Jazz - Imaxinasons 2006


The International Jazz Festival IMAXINASONS is an initiative of the City of Vigo was born in order to make room in the jazz music scene Galician conducted in Europe, apart from commercial constraints.

The European Jazz is currently recognized as the true generator of the further evolution of its contemporary history, which makes for two weeks in Vigo reference festivals at the forefront of jazz with a unique musical and festive atmosphere.

Under this criterion, the festival will show an annual jazz today, with special attention to those quality proposals that are committed to innovation and originality, and to provide news in three geographical areas: Galicia, Spain and Europe, especially to support musicians who were active in the field Galician, maintaining a presence of their projects at the festival and contributing to its spread abroad, attend to present jazz in the rest of Spain, especially the newest trends, and finally , held the foreign presence in the European jazz without sacrificing significant presence of the Latin or American.

IMAXINASONS be developed through many different activities in order to bring it to larger audience through:

* Concerts in theaters and auditoriums (Caixanova Cultural Center, Municipal Auditorium, Conservatory.).

* Jazz in the street: outdoor performances in Praza da Estrela and parades through the main areas of the city.

* Nightly shows in places.

* Exhibitions, panel discussions, debates, lectures, master-class.