Jazz - Imaxinasons 2005

Vigo: Jazz - Imaxinasons 2005


The Festival International de Jazz de Vigo, "Imaxina Sons", was created with the intention of, first, fill a gap and meet demand in our country regarding the wide scope of jazz, and on the other, trying to show other trends unknown this music in our country than in the rest of Europe if present. This is also to show what is happening particularly in Galicia and in the rest of Spain with jazz.

Try to give information on the current jazz in our own surroundings, Galicia, Spain, Europe. Thus has been enjoying for the first time in Spain the Trovesi Gianlui octet or the last project of Daniel Humair, "Baby Boom". Also other Spanish musicians like Ramon Lopez "Drums Eleven Songs" and the tribute of Agustí Fernández, and not forgetting the new presence for some, the cello in jazz Vincent Courtois, Louis Sclavis regular contributor.

-Miroslav Vitous

The bassist, guitarist and Czech composer Miroslav Vitous is one of the world's most reputable JAZZMAN. A founding member of the iconic group Weather Report, musical traveling companion Miles Davis, Stan Getz and Herbie Mann, and also one of the members of a historic trio, along with the Chick Corea and Roy Haynes.


LLORCA Fernando, founder of the historic jazz groups Galician Clunia JAZZ, is one of the most renowned musicians of our JAZZ.With various collaborations, present a sextet formation with some special guests including singer RUI PEDRO BLAS, saxophonist Andrzej Olejniczak or ABE POLISH Rabade and PACO CHARLIN.

-Abe Rábade

ABE Rabade youth is a Galician musicians for years no longer a promise to become a landscape firm value and the other Galician SPAIN, after being awarded the pianist Tete Montoliu revelation.

-Daniel Humair "BABY BOOM"

Daniel Humair is one of the great battery that has played with Joe Henderson to be constant collaborator musicians as Louis Sclavis or Michel Portal, incorporating the same scene for decades. Humair's new project, "BABY BOOM" is presented for the first time in Spain at the Festival International de Jazz de Vigo.

-Egberto Gismonti

With over 50 albums released with influences from jazz, rock or ethnic music Brazilian GISMONTI enshrined as one of the great interpreters of the prestigious German label Editions of Contemporary Music (ECM), reservation of the best contemporary music.


"ROOT 70" is the union of four young musicians who create an atmosphere from numerous styles that give a very strong personality, a deep music with great finesse and interpretive sensitivity.

Agustí Fernández-QUARTET "Lonely Woman"

The proposal presented in Vigo festival is a tribute to the quintessential freejazz musician, sax Ornet COLEMAN. The repertoire based on the work of this musician is reflected in the latest album AGUSTÍ Lonely Woman. "

-Gianluigi Trovesi OCTET

Trovesi is presented for the first time in Spain with his octet, and a very recent project, "fugace", which recently published the German label ECM.


Orensano pianist Alberto Conde, already in the eighties as emblematic groups founded in Galicia as "BAIO ENSEMBLE", has recently released the album "ENTREMARES" in trio jazz with a concept based on modern and folklore Galician.

-Carlos Barreto "Locomotiv" + FRANÇOIS Corneloup

The meeting of these great musicians and good friends from the BARRETO stay in Paris led to this new album, "Locomotiv".

Baldo Martínez-GRAIN ENSEMBLE "PROJECT MIÑO" and Valentin Clastrier

Baldo Martinez presented the project for the first time in Galicia after years since its creation and design of the Festival International de Jazz de Guimaraes. It is based on the traditional music of Galicia and northern Portugal, but in contemporary jazz language.

Nine musicians with a variety ranging from the voice of the singer Maite Dono through saxophones, tuba and percussion, will be enhanced by a special guest, French ZANFOÑISTA Valentin Clastrier.

-Joachim Kühn "POISON TRIO"

Joachim Kühn (Leipzig, 1944) is one of the most important musicians in the forefront of European jazz. This "POISON TRIO" along the Wolfgang Reisinger and JEAN PAUL Celea is undoubtedly one of the most interesting.

Quintans-Charlin-KING-ANGEL TRIO

The trio formed Quintans Santiago, Paco Charlin, Ramon Angel Rey involves updating a project that works under different names since 1995. Currently draws on the experiences of these musicians in New York, Boston, Barcelona and Paris. Quintans Santiago was a finalist in the Montreux Festival last year.


Saxophonist and composer Ramon Cardo now able to bring 18 musicians and form one of the most explosive big band and higher level.


"The Trio" is one of the most suggestive participating in the most prestigious concert halls and jazz festivals in the world. A formation consisting of three current best jazz greats: the portentous STANLEY CLARKE, bass legend, the original creator and reinventor banjo Bela Fleck and the best violinist of the time, Jean-Luc Ponty.A trio of stars live and direct a musical set in amazing scene.


In addition to these concerts is another section consisting of single concerts that will serve as a climax to the parallel activities of conferences and round tables to be developed in the framework: Iñaki Salvador on piano, Ramon Lopez with "SONGS FOR BATTERY" VICENT COURTOIS with "Cello" and Carlos Barreto "SOLO pictorial".