Castrelos Concerts 2006

Vigo: Castrelos Concerts 2006

Every year in summer in the program of the Festival of Christ's Victory Vigo addition Latino Festival "I'm going to Vigo" are held in the Auditorium of Castrelos a series of outdoor concerts.

Concerts 2006:

"Dream Theater" and Quatro April

Dream Theater is a group formed by Raquel del Rosario (voice), Juan Luis Suarez and David Feito (guitar). From Asturias, the trio spent several years working to develop solid songs flavored pop-rock structures with strong folk flavor. Before the group reached the female voice, Juan Luis and David took some time composing and playing together in various groups in his native Asturias. Raquel left his birthplace, Gran Canaria, with only 18, decided to try his luck in Asturias. There he joined Juan Luis and David to form Dream Theater.

Franz Ferdinand concert, Delorean and Femme Fatale

Delorean is a band formed in Zarautz (Guipuzcoa) in 2000 by Tomás Palomo (guitar and keyboards), Ekhi Lopetegui (bass and vocals), Unai Lazcano (guitar and keyboards) and Igor Escudero (drums). Born as pop group, but soon his love for synthesizers will lead to new paths.

Surrounded by an aura of danger and mystery, Femme Fatale was consecrated in Spain with his second album, Femme Fatale, full of dark electronic and electro rock, sexy, reminiscent of Goldfrapp or even Depeche Mode.

In 2004, the Scots Franz Ferdinand became British music's greatest hope your namesake album, Franz Ferdinand. With the second cd went straight to number one in Britain and eight in USA. In Spain, his records were chosen from the best of 2004 and 2005 in major journals.

Ana Torroja Concert "Lana force fate"

Only "Force of Destiny" could make the mythical return Mecano songs to be sung by the unmistakable voice that announced, a sign of identity that became anthems in various parts of the world. Nobody ever sing those songs as Ana Torroja, the voice of Mecano. Now, after fourteen years without playing a full concert live with those songs, Ana wants to offer the public a list Mecano hundred percent.

Pet Shop Boys and Cat People

The British Pet Shop Boys do not need introduction. I am one of the most influential British bands of all time, since they formed in 1981. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe released their first album without much success, but one of his songs, "West End Girls", change the tide, leading to number one on the British charts. The rest was already a successful career, in which the British duo became one of the biggest names in pop. And for many years, as this 2006, in May, fourteen years after joining, Pet Shop Boys released "Fundamental", their ninth studio album..


The fusion of metal with other sounds'm signing Helloween, one of the kings of "heavy metal" world. The band formed in 1979 in Hamburg, but will be in 1981 when Helloween born, and in 1984 releasing their first album, "Walls of Jericho". The work that will be consecrated "Keeper of Seven Keys Part I", published in 1987. Of the original lineup still resist the bassist and guitarist Weikath Grosskopt while vocalist Andi Deris has spent over a decade with them.

The Hundred Years Tour

Estrella Galicia is celebrating its centennial with a program of concerts throughout Galicia, full of pleasant surprises and encounters. All groups'm Galicians, and some overlap on stage for the first time. Groups like Deluxe, Accomplices, lemons, soft, Kannon, The Killer Barbies, Miguel Costas and Silvia Superstar, Semen Up Sinister or part of the tour, which will travel throughout Galicia. Ademáis, Teo Cardalda provide an exclusive concert in Vigo, with some of his friends, as Juan Rivas and Iván Ferreiro, remembering Toyland list.