Hermitages and chapels

Hermitages and chapels

Vigo: Hermitages and chapels

Currently you can see 18 chapels in the town of Vigo, a small number compared to what came into being a few centuries ago.

The chapels and shrines reflect the religious fervor that exists in our parishes samples still remain important as the festival of San Roque or St. Mauro in Matamá.

These constructions of order less common features such as longitudinal nave plant and small size, covered with wooden shingle gable with native and hardly austere exterior ornamentation.

We must differentiate between two types of chapels, those who were or are part of the manor houses and stately homes and chapels dedicated to the worship of saints with great popular fervor in the area.

Chapel of San Mauro

The chapel of San Mauro is related to the remains of the House of the Inquisition which still retains part of the gate and the coat of arms.

Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Alba

The chapel of Monte Alba, XVII century, is located more than 600 meters high in the parish of Valladares at the summit of Mount Alba which overlooks the valley of Fragoso and the Vigo estuary. And its origin is linked to the existence of an ancient manor Marquis of Valladares.

Chapels Coruxo

There are other more recent building chapels as St. Sebastian Chapel Coruxo and Carmen in Vao Beach.