Vigo (Spain) St. Sebastian Castle

St Sebastian Castle

St Sebastian Castle

St Sebastian Castle

Vigo: Vigo (Spain) St. Sebastian Castle

In the reign of Philip IV, in 1656, the walls were built to protect the city Vigo looting. At that time they also built the stronghold of A Laxe and the castle of San Sebastián.

The wall had no moat, came to the Castle of San Sebastian and passed through the door of the Sun (today), where he was the source of Neptune (now in the gardens of Quiñones de León). The wall came down the street to A Laxe Carral, bordering the sea to where O Berbés to start Real Street. From there rose to the Castillo de San Sebastián.

The sea came, forming a beach, to the arcades of Berbés, where the fishermen kept their boats and repaired. Beyond the beach in San Francisco and a little closer to the beach Bouzas Coia. Today both absent, as are areas filled yards. Canovas del Castillo Street was under the sea breaking against the rocks of A Pedra. The Alameda did not exist, but it was a great beach.

What we now call Old Town of the city is the whole area was in and in the environment near the wall. We can distinguish several areas such as: Rivera's Berbés A Pedra Market, the Plaza de la Constitución, the Plaza de la Princesa, Royal Street.