Vigo International Airshow

Vigo: Vigo International Airshow

Samil Beach annually hosts the Air Festival organized Vigo Air Polo Club in collaboration with the Culture concellería. The Eagle Patrol participates each year as to the delight of the audience.

At the festival the Eagle Patrol, Air Force, and the French aerobatic Reva who performed in Asia and Europe, while in Spain it is your first time. Another new feature of the festival is the group of paratroopers Papea, really qualify as "spectacular" and birdmen Wings Group, currently have countless records of altitude.

The festival was attended by Vigo Manuel "Coco" and Valencian Sergio Pla, two pilots from the Spanish. Those who come will enjoy a sailing exhibition trawl, Spanish Navy Harriers, Canadair apagafuegoos and helicopters.