Beaches of cies the islands

Vigo: Beaches of cies the islands

The islands have an asymmetric profile with two distinct slopes. The western slope is steeper shore islands where sea erosion results in high cliffs and caves. The eastern side has a much smoother profile protected from the erosive action of wind and open sea, allowing the formation of beaches and dune systems.

In the Cies Islands in September you can enjoy beaches and small coves fewer losses.

Rodas beach

The beach next to the pier Rhodes main pier called Rhodes. It is the largest beach with over 1 kilometer, namely 1300 meters, and 60 meters wide.

Its emerald waters and fine white sand delight those who visit. Remains intact and next to it you can see natural dune areas that are currently in the recovery phase.

This beach is part of the complex system-laguna beach-dune islands linking North and Central Cies Islands archipelago.

It has with all kinds of services: public services, Red Cross, surveillance and lifesaving, PA, restaurants, camping and information booth.

Figueiras beach or the Germans

This beach has a length of 350 meters and 50 meters wide.You can access it from the dock of Rhodes taking a path to the right duly noted.

This nudist beach is used.

Playa de San Martino

This beach is only accessible by private boat because it is in the South Island with no access by boat liner.

In this beach nudists also but not as widespread as in Figueiras.

Beaches and Margaridas Cantareira

These beaches are near the camp and field work on the island. The beach is small and has Cantareira area boulders. Margaridas beach is protected by a rocky area. These two beaches like the rest of the Cies have clear waters and beautiful surroundings.

Beaches and Areiña Mixueiro

These small beaches are found along the pier of Rhodes and are accessed by a small path next to the restaurant. Next to them you can see the monument that was erected in their day to Franco and the shrine of the Virgin of Carmen.

Beaches of Bowling and Our Lady

The beach of Our Lady or Carracido is 140 meters long by 20 wide. Next to this small sailboats moored beach to spend the day on the island.

The beach of bowling at the end of the beach in Rhodes.To access it is passed along a path that passes near the old cemetery on the island that is one of the smaller cemeteries in Galicia.