Ladeira Beach (Ramallosa)

It is the largest of all the beaches with its 1,300 meters long. Has an average width of 15 meters. It found the farthest town center.

Moderate waves, watched and mooring area and fine white sand. It has camping, kiosks, restaurants, safety, Red Cross post, and surveillance equipment. It is equipped with shower facilities, telephones, beach cleaning, litter bins and bus transportation.

Playa Santa Marta (San Esteban)

More than 200 meters long with calm waters and fine white sand. Much closer to the urban core than Ladeira.

It offers lodging, camping, seasonal kiosks, security and local police. Among servicos offering showers, telephones, beach cleaning, litter bins, bus transportation.

A Ribeira Beach

With its 180 meter long beach this is the closest urban center. It is located next to a park at the foot of the fortress of Monte Boi.

It has all kinds of services emphasizing the proximity to an underground car park and waterfront terraces.

Playa Barbeira

Beach 200 meters long which is located on the slopes of Monte Boi. To access must approach to strength and pass under one of its doors.

It is located near the beach A Riberia and is well protected from the ocean waves by a breakwater and a marina. It has all kinds of visitor services. The sand is golden and medium grain.

I Frades Beach

Small beach 30 meters long which is on the slopes of Monte Boi and more waves than the other beaches. The sand is coarser and with lots of rocks, as it is formed in a small bay of rocks at sea. To access must continue the walk Monte Boi.

Playa A Concheira

Beach 50 meters long at the start of the walk of Martin Alonso Pinzon. It is the last beach in Bayonne, this starts from the surf zone on the rocks along the coast.