The port.


The entrance to this more natural river, is bounded and Serralleira Silleiro regardless of bouncing as low Carallones or Black. The channel is wide and deep. Find the leading line input delay reaching Pta. Vicos in Cíes between 020 º and 032 º and 1.3 M of Silleiro. Heading to the 083 as the leading line ground looks very bad, we recommend guided by Monterreal Castle.

Alternatively, giving shelter to the buoy shipwreck, the N Lighthouse Serralleira, heading to the 215 °, with the lighthouse Serralleira to through Br NOSE to 180 º with Silleiro the bow, looking through the cardinal buoy S S of Carallones located and Serralleira. Once the brand NOSE Baiona. Another possible entry only for shallow draft vessels coming from the Vigo estuary is the mouth between Monte Ferro and Stela ground, always very close to the island and, if possible, with the tide. Once past the S-most tip of the island, the pier in Bayonne NOSE, because we frankly navigation. (Data:

The Marina

A marina with over 300 moorings fixed with entrance depth of 12m and 3m draft of dock. With 6TN crane and hoist pórico 50Tn. The maximum length of 40m is recommended. Juanto the promenade and in the town center.

It offers a variety of services: Water mooring mooring Light, Ice, dock, Bar-Restaurant, Shower and WC, Surveillance, floodlit, Payphone, Radio (VHF 9), Parking, engine mechanic and electrician, Treatments in the hull, Marpol Service, Garbage Removal, Weather, Taxi, Credit cards, car rental, diesel fuel, unleaded fuel and ramp stranded