Arribada Festival.

The Feast of the Arrival is undoubtedly the best known of Bayonne. The first weekend of March, commemorating the arrival of the caravel "La Pinta" the port of Bayonne with news of the discovery of America. In recent years have increased acts to remember this historic event and for that reason the party is matched to the following weekend so far was official holiday.

During that weekend is celebrated in the streets of the medieval old town in a party offered handicraft products that are consumed in the fifteenth century. Musicians, minstrels, jugglers and artisans roam the streets reliving those days that fact. Moreover, evenings of Saturday and Sunday staged reconstruction of the story that Martin Alonso Pinzon and his crew made the discovery of the deed to the mayor of Bayonne on March 1, 1493.

Also noteworthy in this feast with falconry demonstrations of birds of prey such as eagles, hawks, vultures., Kestrels, owls. Just as the medieval tournament of knights who fight for the heart of the princess on the beach of Ribeira. Where you can watch a jousting tournament, throw spears and demolition of estafermo with skill demonstration of knights, squires and yeomen.

Witches and wizards try to enchant the audience with their charms and spells and with great honor part the royal procession from the Castle Monterreal with their majesties Ferdinand and Isabella.

On the streets and out touching ballads juggling and stilt walkers to entertain and cheer up the crowd. As demonstration of skilled archers on the beach of Ribeira.

The events are completed with the award of the Gold Medal of Bayonne to persons or associations who have stood by his cultural work in the context of migration and with an official ceremony involving representatives of municipalities of Palos de la Frontera , Santa Fe de Granada and Pornic, twin villas with Bayonne.