Parks and Walks.

Tour of the Marshes

At the mouth of the river Miñor we find a lagoon partially closed by the arrow shape Laderira beach. In this area you can observe many waterbirds, an extensive marsh vegetation typical of a large area and shellfishing. From the medieval bridge Miñor up there Ladeira beach walk to admire the magnificent views of the marshes. We can continue this walk to Nigran and reach Monteferro.


In the city center is the promenade that runs along the waterfront with beautiful views of the strength of Monterreal. Along the promenade are areas of terraces and restaurants to sample tapas overlooking the estuary.

Walk Ribeira

Next to the beach of the same name found the walk to Ribeira. In this short walk we found the well of the XV century Aguada, the tile of the arrival and the monument to Alfonso IX by Juan Oliveira.

Parque de la Palma

In the entrance to the fortress of Monterreal and between the beaches of Ribeira and Cuncheira is the park of La Palma. It is a city park with all amenities: basketball court, playground, pavilion orchestra, parking, gardens.

Paseo de Pinzon

It is an urban nature walk with landscaping and overlooking the sea.The stormy days you can see the spectacle of the sea beating against the rocks. This is the sculpture walk to Finch and the monument to Diego Carmona Gallego and Basque.