Strength and hostel.

Monterreal Fortress is located in the peninsula of Monte Boi by the sea. This place was already purple over 2000 years by different people like the Celts, Phoenicians, Romans. The fortress consists of a walled than 3 km and 18 hectares, was begun in the eleventh century.

Within this enclosure and at the top there is the Parador Nacional de Turismo "Conde de Gondomar". A magnificent four-star inn which has been operational since 1966.

Within this beautiful surroundings of Monte Boi are the Ermita del Carmen, a barn, a stone cross and a beautiful promenade outside the fortress providing access to the surrounding beaches.

Its most notable building elements are the wall, its ramparts, towers and gates.

Prince Towers, Clock and Clamp

The oldest tower is the Torre del Principe, the fifteenth century. This tower was an old lighthouse guide sailors and was imprisoned in the Infante Afonso Henriques of Portugal in 1173. Most likely the name d the tower comes from this event. The original tower was destroyed by Almanzor in 997 years later and rebuilt by King Alfonso V.

The Clock Tower is the sixteenth century, was named after the clock had. This tower is oriented toward the earth and used to warn of attacks from the sea came ringing the bell that was in his high for all the churches of the Val Miñor play their bells warning of the dangers.

The Tower Pincer, facing the bay of Bayonne, was built in the time of the Catholic Kings in the sixteenth century. Met dungeon and magazine features.

Portas do Sol, Real, del Pozo, Philip IV and New

Puerta del Sol The sixteenth century was the gateway to the old town of Monterreal, and was located next to the Clock Tower. La Puerta Real, the sixteenth century, was built by the Catholic Kings.

The Puerta del Pozo, located on the seashore, communicated with the old orchard of the Franciscan Fathers next to what is now known as the frades beach.

The Puerta de Felipe IV is the seventeenth century and is the shield of the Habsburg and is why today is accessed Barbeira beach.

And finally the new door belonging to the twentieth century.


In the Baluarte Bridge can see 15 inside pockets with two beating the door.

The battery door of San Antón was responsible for the defense of the inner harbor and part of the entry. This battery consists of eight embrasures.

Santiago The battery consists of three gunboats pointing towards the sea and the blacksmith for six gunboats responsible for defending the isthmus that forms the mount with the ground.