Nature and landscapes.

Bayonne has a maritime tradition. At the mouth of the river Miñor we find a lagoon partially closed by the arrow shape Laderira beach. In this area you can observe many waterbirds, an extensive marsh vegetation typical of a large area and shellfishing.

Leaving behind the marshes of Miñor starts the beach area until we got to where we can climb Monte Boi strength to see magnificent views of the Ria de Vigo, Cies Islands and breakwaters.

Climbing Mount Samson we find the Virgin of the Rock to over 100 meters above sea level. From the boat you have in your hand right back contemplanos views of the estuary and Baiona that should not be missed.

If we like to spend the day in the great outdoors can climb up one of the forest parks Baiona has inside or we can go hiking over 17 miles of track. Or visit the Parque da Lagoa da Groba or where you can see wild horses roaming freely with the landscape of the Ria de Vigo backdrop.