Martin Barreiro Yacht Race

Martin Barreiro Yacht Race

Martin Barreiro Yacht Race

Martin Barreiro Yacht Race 2004 - Vigo - Spain

Vigo: Martin Barreiro Yacht Race

The Atlantic Nautical Week Trophy Caixanova-Martin Barreiro is a multidisciplinary event linked to the nautical world whose fundamental values ??are summarized in Youth, Culture and Sport, who walks with the clear intention of making essential reference Galicia in the European sailing season .

The target set is not easy but the road ahead thanks to all the support received has been much. Right now we can consider the Atlantic Sailing Week as the second major national sailing and certainly the first of the Atlantic coast, causing not only appeal to sports fans sea if not a focal point in a desestacinalizada turíastica privileged for sports theoretically offseason.

In Week Atlantic Caixanova have room for all kinds of classes and divisions. The broad spectrum of competition and the accompanying cultural cycles of _The week_ have more than a sporting competition in which racers and fans generally share this attraction that causes the sea and all the values ??associated with it.

Without doubt one of the outstanding success of the week has been its social and cultural component supported by the most relevant national and international sports year after year with us either as sailors, speakers or fans.

Atlantic Boating Week is an international event open to everyone from kids to professional racers, fans, candle light, heavy, jet,.This amalgam of participants of all age and living with athletes from other nacinalidades sharing and enjoying the sea as part of our insurance is something that would educates and enriches us all.