Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006

Volvo Ocean Race in Vigo

Volvo Ocean Race in Vigo

Volvo Ocean Race in Vigo - Spain

Atmosphere before competition

Atmosphere before competition

Volvo Ocean Race - Atmosphere before competition. Vigo Spain

Aereal exhibition

Aereal exhibition

Aereal exhibition - Volvo Ocean Race in Vigo - Spain

Countdown clock

Countdown clock

Countdown clock - Volvo Ocean Race - Vigo - Spain

Volvo ocean race show

Volvo ocean race show

Volvo Ocean Race 2005 Show. Vigo (Spain)

Vigo: Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006

For the first time, a British destination hosted the start of the Volvo Ocean Race, the most prestigious regatta transoceanic few are played in the world and Vigo was the place chosen as the starting point of the ninth edition of the VOR.

Since 1973, the first Whitbread Round the World Race took his departure, the challenge has reached a magnitude transoceanic surely their creators, and Admiral Hill Whitbread Otto Steiner, did not get to dream. The Whitbread since birth is celebrated every four years, progressively refined and breaking records for endurance and speed. At last year changed its name to the present, successfully maintaining its character and unique sporting challenge of global dimension

The Volvo Ocean Race has been shown in previous editions that provides a unique opportunity to promote the places that makes scale, but above all, the point of departure. For the first time the output is made from a non-British port: the port of Vigo.

Heat 1: Vigo - Cape Town

The first race will take the fleet south through a point scoring in Fernando da Noronha, off the Brazilian coast, to Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town has always been part of previous editions due to its geographical location, where the two great oceans meet and therefore the natural location of the first round.

Task 2: Cape Town - Melbourne

The second will be the first test of the Southern Ocean. It's a race through this lonely ocean that allows boaters to test their experience and take their boats to the limit. Generally considered the most exciting of the ocean race. To make it even more appealing, it has introduced a scoring arrival in Kerguelen Islands and again in Eclipse Island, opposite Albany, on the western coast of Australia. The manga ended in Melbourne, Australia.

Task 3: Melbourne - Wellington

The third leg will take the fleet to Wellington for a repair stop. Instead of the output offset mark held in Hobart repair stop for the latest edition of the race, the boats depart from Wellington grouped, starting the fourth set.

Manga 4: Wellington - Rio de Janeiro

The fourth manga take you back to the Southern Ocean, around Cape Horn, which is also an arrival before the brutal scoring effort to reach the final port in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. South America has been part of the race since its inception in 1973, continuing the tradition of stopping at this important global market.

Manga 5: Rio de Janeiro - Baltimore

The fifth manga goes directly to Baltimore, disregarding stop in Florida, but including an arrival in Fernando da Noronha scoring.

Manga 6: Annapolis - New York

The sixth manga depart Annapolis as in previous years and lead the fleet in a short sleeve to New York, another new port in the 2005-2006 edition.

Manga 7: New York - Portsmouth

The seventh manga depart from New York and beat the record for transatlantic Blue Riband, Ambrose will run from the Lizard Lighthouse, on the south coast of England, which is also a scoring arrival, before completing the stage Portsmouth.

Manga 8: Portsmouth - Rotterdam

The eighth manga will be short, very tactical, and will run west across the Channel and around Great Britain and Ireland to Rotterdam, Holland.

Manga 9: Rotterdam - Gothenburg

Finally, the ninth fleet manga cover with a short sprint from Rotterdam to Gothenburg, Volvo headquarters and the scene of widespread support for the latest edition.