Xoan Piñeiro (1960-70)

Vigo: Xoan Piñeiro (1960-70)

Pineiro Xoán Nogueira born in Hio (Pontevedra) in 1920, of peasant and sailor was, during his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood, a humble pastor. Although he was an artist and carved at knifepoint branches of oak and chestnut, its leading figures.

The County Council granted a scholarship to study at the School of San Fernando in Madrid, which he does with great effort, to have had very little formal training. He then moved to Santander to work in a workshop of the sculptor Capuz imagine, giving the teacher an excellent job of Galician sculptor. The first award comes on the scholarship of Sculpture exhibition, in 1950, after the success obtained in the Salon d'Automne in Madrid and another scholarship council of his home town.

He lives in Madrid, works, exposed and goes to the Hispano-American Biennial of Barcelona in 1953. Breaks with life in Madrid and returned to Galicia to establish Goián workshop, birthplace of his wife, the artist often model and painter Xavier Pousa premium, disciple of Antonio Fernandez, who immediately befriends sculptor.

Begins to make public important monuments lle bring prestige, such as Calvo Sotelo in Tuy, to be followed by the archbishop's Lake, also in the medieval Old Town, the Millan Astray in La Coruña and Vigo the sailors.It frustrates his draft tribute to Martin Codax, by misunderstanding of a mayor who does not understand vigués the artist's imagination, that makes religious art for churches of St. Joseph the Worker and the Apostles, in Vigo.

He lavished his exhibitions. A realistic initial ulture esc, and tied with a classical world overlaid with curved shapes, with holes in the stone and bronze combine eel. It is a classic in any collective Mustra. Alternating between Vigo and life Goyán, volcer that desire to shop, to work, to feel comfortable in their environment creation life will cost. After attending a tribute intimate than a group of artists paid him to Reinaldo Galician sculptor, Pineiro decides, at dawn, going to work Goián. Just dawning, Sunday December 21, 1980, his Land Rover overturned at the intersection of Porriño to Tuy and artist dies, when maturity promised us new and important work.

Since then, the exhibition of his sculpture, caring his widow and daughters, were repeated in many cities, as long as tribute to a teacher who died prematurely.

M ª Cruz Pineiro Alvarez, daughter of the artist, continues the work of his father in his old family workshop Goian (Pontevedra). The old workshop today artistic foundry Bronze Art Foundry, was created to meet the needs of Piñeiro Xoán sculptor since 1972, symbolizing the best creative and informative tribute to the figure of the Galician artist.

Xoán Pineiro's work is in museums all Galicia in other Spanish provinces in Africa and institutional collections.

He began his work with influences of postwar sculpture, from Clara to and from Capuz Peanes Macias. Stone-carved marble, granite-task in which teachers exercised near Magin Picallo and other young sculptors. Reminds Victorio Macho kinks in the works of accused, large edges and angularities. One day sees Henry Moore and from their curves, their holes, hatches a new sense of volume, abstractive concept, with spirals, plant identification forms or relatable to the facades of Gaudí and Jorge Oteiza. The texture invites contemplation delinquent. It seems that dominates Columbian mythology.